Welcome to the AeroFly 5

The Only State-Of-The-Art RC Flight Simulator for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X

 Aerofly 5 Features

  • over 80 models to choose from airplanes,  jets, helicopters, gliders, float planes
  • over 30 photo sceneries with places from all over the world
  • Six 4D-sceneries
  • adjustable weather conditions like time of day, wind, fog
  • adjustable cloud settings
  • contests such as limbo, balloon pop, air race, pylon race, heli precision contest
  • all new training aids like torque roll training, autorotation practice, hover trainer
  • multi pano technology
  • extensive wind simulation including dynamic soaring,  windfield display, and objects move in wind ( trees, wind wheel, wind sock, clouds )
  • model editor with over 200 adjustable parameters
  • multiplayer mode with up to 8 players over LAN or internet
  • winch simulation for glider start and glider tow feature
  • recording center: record, save, play and exchange recorded flights
  • animated water simulation
  • easy user interface



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